Operating a Processing and Manufacturing Facility

Operating a Processing and Manufacturing Facility

  • Protect your stuff from rust and corrosion

    Many metal surfaces need to be protected from corrosion and rust. The door to your fridge, wheel rims of your car, your gate and many other items made of metal will need a fresh protective coat from time to time. Sometimes a fresh coat is needed just for beauty. In either case, you have the option of having them wet painted or powder coated. Metal powder coating Metal powder coating has gained a lot of popularity because of its many advantages over wet painting.

  • 5 Tips for Better MIG Welding

    Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding is one of the forms of GMAW that is very common among hobbyists. However, some of those hobbyists produce inconsistent results with this welding method because they lack the tricks of the trade that are well known to the professionals. This article shares some MIG welding tips that will improve the consistency of your welding results. Cleanliness is Key Always clean a surface thoroughly before you start MIG welding it.

  • Polystyrene – A Useful Plastic for Manufacturers

    Along with other sorts of plastic - such as polypropylene, nylon and polythene - polystyrene is suitable for a number of injection moulding techniques. This means that it can be formed into nearly every type of shape that you could imagine. As such, it is an extremely versatile plastic which can be made for a wide range of products. Manufacturers use it for all manner of components as well as finished products.

  • Water Way To Cut: The Advantages Of Having Machine Parts Fabricated Using Waterjet Cutting Services

    When one or more components of a piece of industrial equipment fail, buying new parts 'off-the-shelf' is not always the best way to go. Many of these machines (such as hydraulic pumps, mining drills and conveyor belts) are manufactured to exacting standards and degrees of accuracy to ensure safe functioning, and using a replacement part that differs even minutely from the original component can lead to damaging malfunctions and punishing downtime.

  • Bollards: The Versatile Street Furniture

    Modern street furniture comes in many forms and is now more versatile than it ever used to be. For example, lighting columns can be dropped down so operatives can access their fittings easily. There again, modular street seating is now often made to be arranged in various orientations, such as semi-circles and L-shapes so that it can be used in a variety of urban settings, from plazas to city parks. However, one of the most versatile types of street furniture that you could come across is the humble bollard.

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Operating a Processing and Manufacturing Facility

Hello, my name is Freddie. While I do not actually work in the processing or manufacturing sector, I do have a lot of knowledge about it. I gained this knowledge during one long summer when I helped my cousin who owns a processing and manufacturing facility located in Sydney, Australia. On my first day, I really didn't have a clue what he produced or how the facility worked. However, as the weeks passed and I got to know everyone in the different departments, my understanding grew. I decided to start this blog so I could share my knowledge with others.