Operating a Processing and Manufacturing Facility

Operating a Processing and Manufacturing Facility

Top Issues Driving the Demand for Waste Oil Collection Services

by Todd West

According to a recent report, the Australian economy is dominated by the service industry, which constitutes 70% of the country's GDP. This would explain why waste oil collection and recycling service looks like good business. The need for waste oil collection services has never been more critical, especially in major Australian cities. However, it is understandable that this fact alone is not enough to convince one to invest in a waste oil collection business. If you need further convincing, read this article for solid reasons why it is the right time to start a waste oil collection business.

High Number of Auto-Service Shops — Only a few decades ago, one could count the number of auto service shops in the major towns. However, that has considerably changed because automotive service shops are popping up everywhere. This can be attributed to the high demand for auto services, especially if you consider the fact that the number of new cars bought every year has been increasing for the last seven years. Having more vehicles on the road automatically translates to the increased need for automotive services and the growth of auto service shops. The trend has increased the amount of waste oil generated in the service shops. Therefore, there is a ready market for waste oil collection services.

Increasing Environmental Awareness — Over the years, the average consumer has become increasingly aware of environmental issues and how human activities are contributing to ecological degradation. As such, clients expect businesses to act in the best interest of the environment and the consumers themselves. The same applies to companies that deal with oil because failure to dispose of the waste oil appropriately leads to retaliation by the consumer. Therefore, businesses have to engage the services of waste oil collection providers to protect the environment at all costs. Would not it be a great idea to be part of the great initiative? Of course, it would, and many firms will want to work with you.

Increased Demand for Electrical Transformers — Australia's transformer distribution market is expected to hit the $690 million mark in 2024, which represents a steady growth of approximately 7% over six years. Some of these transformers use oil, which must be replaced overtime to keep the transformers running efficiently. Where does the increased waste oil from the energy industry go to? It must be collected and disposed of or recycled appropriately, and this is where waste oil collection services come in handy. Waste oil collection services take an enormous burden off energy companies since they will have one thing less to worry about.


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Operating a Processing and Manufacturing Facility

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