Operating a Processing and Manufacturing Facility

Operating a Processing and Manufacturing Facility

3 Things to Look for When Hiring a Die-Casting Company

by Todd West

Does your business require the services of a die-casting expert? Die casting is a metal casting technique that gives you the opportunity of custom metal parts with complex, unique and intricate designs that would not be achieved through manual casting techniques. It is a cost-effective and efficient technique for producing duplicate parts. That's because, once you have created the die, you can produce thousands of identical parts using the die. However, to achieve quality casts, you have to partner with a professional die-casting company. This piece will give you three things that you should consider when shopping around for a die-casting company.

Time vs. Quality

Time is critical in business, and as such, everyone wants to deal with a production company that offers a fast turnaround for their manufactured products. Remember, more production means more goods for you, and this translates into increased profits. However, when it comes to die casting, quality is also essential. Your clients need to be assured that you can consistently deliver quality products when they need them. For this reason, don't hire a company that will deliver your product on time but compromise on quality. That's why you need to find one that can deliver high-quality casts within a reasonable timeframe.

Casting Capabilities

Various companies offer different die-casting services. There are those that will only handle the standard metals such as aluminium, magnesium and zinc while others will handle alloys such as copper, tin, brass and lead as well. Some companies offer you a wide range of customization and finishing options while others have limited choices. Think about your metal casting needs, what finishes you want, whether smooth or textured, and whether you want parts with intricate designs. As you look for a company, make sure that they have the technological and resource capabilities to handle your designs. This way, you can avoid frustrations down the road.

Total Production Cost

When you approach a company for die casting services, they will present you with a quote. Note that most of these quotes may not reflect the actual cost that you will incur for the production. Most quotes only indicate the amount you will incur based on the desired design, finishing options, and amount of product. However, they may not address other costs that arise during production such as leak testing, cosmetic needs and porosity testing. Therefore, ask for a full quote of the entire process so that you can compare the services of various companies with a clear picture of how much you will be likely to pay.

The company that you choose for die casting can make or break your business. Follow these tips to find the ideal one to work with and achieve high-quality products.


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Operating a Processing and Manufacturing Facility

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