Operating a Processing and Manufacturing Facility

Operating a Processing and Manufacturing Facility

Aluminium and Handrails – The Perfect Partnership

by Todd West

There are many materials that it is possible to manufacture handrails from. Wood, stainless steel and some plastics are all often chosen. However, aluminium offers many advantages for handrails and should not be overlooked.

Often the material that is specified by architects, aluminium is a popular choice among homeowners and interior designers, as well. If you are considering ordering a new handrail for an existing balustrade or require an area of your home or garden to be fenced off in some way, then you should consider the merits of this particular metal before proceeding.

What is it that make aluminium fabrications so appealing and practical for handrails?

Manufacturing Flexibility

Because aluminium does not take a lot of energy or effort to extrude, it can be made into long, thin products like handrails with a great deal of ease. All kinds of aluminium fabrications make use of extruded sections of the material which are then simply cut to the desired length. For an aluminium fabricator to fashion a different shape of handrail, all that is needed for them is to make a new die. For example, if you want a ridged shape to the top of the handrail or for the product to be curved in a particular ellipse, all that they need to do is to construct a die that matches your exact specifications.

Finishing Options

Without any finish, aluminium looks great. It is reflective and shiny without needing any polish to be applied to it and it can, therefore, be used from the moment it is installed as a handrail. Another option is anodised aluminium which offers a matte metallic look. Without requiring any maintenance, anodised aluminium will last for years whether it is fitted inside or outdoors. Furthermore, it won't stain even if it is regularly being held on to by people using the handrail. Anodised aluminium is corrosion resistant and it is even suitable for installation at places like quays, where it will be exposed to salt and spray. If you are looking for a particular colour for you handrail, then also bear in mind that extruded aluminium is easy to powder coat, providing a bright and durable layer of protection.

Modular Systems

Aluminium handrails can be extruded to provide a connection that will work with any modular installation system. So long as the extrusion die takes account of the wall clamps or balustrade fixings which it will be connected to, any system is compatible with this type of handrail. All you need is the dimensions of the fixings you want to use it with and the underside of the handrail can be fabricated to match them.


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Operating a Processing and Manufacturing Facility

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